Immigration to Canada ? with Rebibo Law Offices.

Did you know?

That the Number one reason applications ...Read More are denied is because the applicant did not apply for the appropriate visa or program that is best suited to their skills and experience. The visa options available are numerous and to the untrained eye can be overwhelming. With over 50 different permanent resident visa types and classifications to choose from as well as an additional 30 immigration pathways.

    Why Rebibo Law Offices?

    With more than 10 years of experience, our dedicated attorneys have the specialized knowledge and skills to relocate you to your desired country. The attorneys of Rebibo Law Offices will assist you through each step of the immigration process from submitting the application to preparing for the interview. We are easily available by phone and email and always up-to-date about policy changes in immigration law to make your application a quick success.

    What to expect?
    • Family Eligibility Review
      The Family Eligibility Review is a user-friendly questionnaire that determines your eligibility for different immigration programs in Canada, After you have filled out the questionnaire of the assessment, the attorneys of Rebibo Law Offices will review your questionnaire and provide you with the most suitable immigration pathway.
    • Application
      After determining the details regarding the specific immigration program, we can start the application. During the application, we prepare and verify the required documents.
    • Submssion
      On your behalf, our attorneys can submit the application in order to have the fastest final stage of your immigration process.

    Our top Canadian immigration lawyers lead by Attorney Joseph Rebibo

    Over 10 years of experience in all areas of Canadian Immigration Law. From assisting with immigration forms to representing clients in the most complex immigration matters, our experienced immigration attorneys give careful consideration to each matter before them.



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    Primary duties: electronics engineers are professionals who create new electronic equipment, including motors, navigation equipment, audio equipment, communication systems, and power generation machines. Their primary responsibilities are creating new plans, testing designs, and reviewing current electronic systems to improve efficiency and performance. They may also work with other engineers to design the electronic systems in cars, planes, and other large machines.


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    Primary duties: a nurse practitioner is a healthcare professional who helps keep patients healthy. They often work in a primary care setting to oversee a patient's general health. They review a patient's medical history, evaluate their current health conditions, and work to prevent diseases.

    Finance manager

    National average salary: $88,136 per year

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    Primary duties: finance managers handle the overall financial health of a company or organization. Their duties may include writing financial reports, planning investments, and collaborating with executives to design long-term financial strategies for a business.

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