Verify Our Legitimacy, Avoid Frauds and Scams!

Due to the fact that the majority of immigration agencies/companies online are frauds, it is imperative that you verify that whoever you chose to hire for your immigration process is legitimate and in accordance with the Law in Canada.

Before making any steps towards immigrating and working in Canada, make sure to verify several crucial points regarding the company or agency you are hiring. This article will provide all the necessary steps needed to ensure your immigration file is in the right hands.

The following 3 types of people are legally allowed to determine your eligibility of immigration programs in Canada:

a) Immigration consultant registered under the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulated Council).


b) A lawyer licensed under one of the Canadian Bar Associations.!/search


c) A notary licensed under ‘’La Chambre des Notaires’’ of Quebec.

The most difficult license to obtain is a lawyer’s license under a Canadian Bar Association. A lawyer must go through a 3-year program (law school) and then complete the bar exam. Furthermore, a mandatory intern period is required before obtaining a legal license under a bar association.

The immigration law firm that will be taking care of your file can be found very easily on the official bar association website:

Attorney Joseph Rebibo –

They can be found as licensed attorneys on the following bar association website:!/search

Furthermore, it is imperative to verify that the company or agency you have chosen to hire is registered and is operating out of a province in Canada.

1) – To verify this please follow the following link:

– The name of the firm is: Rebibo Legal

Take in consideration these extra points:

1) Make sure if you are paying by wire transfer it is sent to a Canadian bank.
2) Make sure you are speaking with people in Canada.
3) Have direct contact with your lawyer at all times.
4) A service contract must be sent in order to confirm which services your payment is allocated to.
5) Check that the agency or company has a physical office that can be visited at any time.
6) Check reviews on Google or Facebook.

For further information and on how to begin your application to enter Canada, please contact our law firm, it would be our pleasure to help!