Quebec Immigration

Living in Quebec means living a life with high standards. The province offers its immigrants & residents an easy access to public infrastructure and transportation. Immigrants get healthcare facilities, education subsidies, insurance coverage & more.

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The province of Quebec is the only province in Canada thar deals with their own streams of immigration. Most temporary resident programs are identical the other provinces in Canada. In terms of permanent residency, the regular skilled worker program works very similar to the Express entry program in terms of conditions, requirements, and scoring system. At the moment, the quotas for accepting applicants through this program is very low.

The main stream to apply for permanent residency would be the Quebec Experience Program. This program enables both workers and students to apply for permanent residency under several conditions.Please reach out to our legal team for further information.

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Studying in Canada increases your chances of both finding an appropriate and high paying job as well as boosts your profile and chances of receiving an invitation to apply for a permanent residency status in Canada.

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Express Entry

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Quebec Immigration

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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

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Student Visas

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Working Holiday Visas

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