Can you apply for permanent residency in Canada after your studies?

One of the best and most certain ways to obtain permanent residency in Canada is by arriving in Canada as an international student.
It is vital to understand that many permanent residency programs whether in Quebec or in the rest of the Canadian provinces favor applicants that have prior ties to Canada through either studying or working within Canada. This means that an applicant that has either work experience in Canada through a work permit or has obtained a diploma while under a study permit in Canada have significantly higher chances of being chosen to apply for their permanent residency than ones who have no ties whatsoever to Canada. Other ties include family in Canada or sponsorship programs. Unfortunately, having family in Canada is out of your control but studying in Canada is your choice and there are not many limitations to being accepted to become a student in Canada.

The majority of international students have the advantage of applying for a post-graduation work permit following the completion of their studies which will make their profile for permanent residency much more attractive after having work experience and studies within Canada.

Furthermore, if one of your family members desires to become a student in Canada, the rest of their family is eligible to receive work and study permits based on the primary applicants acceptance.

For example:
A family of 4 (husband, wife and 2 kids)

- If the wife or mother applies for a study permit, she will have the right to obtain a work permit to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
- Her husband will receive an open work permit to work full time for any employer he desires.
- The children will receive study permits to go to school and benefit from the educational system in Canada at the cost that Canadians pay themselves.

Some of the many immigration programs available to international students include:

Canadian Experience Class
Federal Skilled Worker Program
Provincial Nominee Programs
Quebec Immigration Options
Post-Graduation Work Permits

*** these are programs that allow for the quickest ways to becoming Canadian permanent residents .

If s tudying in Canada s eems like a viable option to you or your family members , this would be a very pragmatic first step on your process to citizenship to Canada. Please contact our law firm to help you and your family chose a school, apply for your study permit, and finish it off by receiving your permanent residency in Canada!